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On October 14, 2012, the second China Xiamen International Kitchen and bathroom products exhibition came to a successful conclusion in Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center. Xiamen Kimberly's integrated home furnishing Co., Ltd. once again surprised the audience with a series of cabinets, wardrobes, raw wood doors and home accessories. On October 14, 2012, the second China Xiamen International Kitchen and bathroom products exhibition came to a successful conclusion in Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center, Xiamen jinbaolai integral home furnishing Co., Ltd. once again amazed the audience with its series and home furnishing accessories. During the four-day exhibition, jinbaolai home furnishing successfully attracted the attention of many viewers with its wonderful performance, successfully signed four customers, won the favor of dozens of intended customers, and finally ended perfectly. Many visitors and customers come to the Kimberley exhibition hall to visit and consult. Xiamen International Kitchen and bathroom products exhibition, as a new large-scale exhibition in China, has developed to a larger scale and a higher level by virtue of its location in the Haixi kitchen base. For kitchen and bathroom enterprises, it plays a role in promoting product display, brand publicity, public relations promotion, investment promotion and so on. During the exhibition, three major activities were also held, including the 2012 Summit Forum on finished housing construction, the Interior Design Summit Forum in the three places across the Taiwan Straits, and the first cross strait cabinet and kitchenware industry forum. According to the statistics of the organizers of the exhibition, with the east wind of building a 10 billion industrial chain of sanitary wares and kitchens, the exhibition continued to deepen the advantage of "taking import and export trade as the guidance and combining procurement and ordering". More than 200 enterprises participated in the exhibition and welcomed more than 30000 domestic and foreign merchants. In order to create and convey the home atmosphere and brand concept of "only for quality life" of Kimberley home, the elegant and extraordinary Kimberley Home Exhibition Hall shows several sets of cabinets, wardrobes, and original wooden door boutiques with different styles and characteristics. Zhang Helu, chairman of Kimberley home, has always advocated the concept of "building home with the technology of famous cars". At the exhibition, Kimberley home with exquisite quality, Not only will the exhibitors experience the wonderful creativity and taste of modern new life, but also the intended customers will feel the fine craftsmanship and rapid development of the brand influence of Kimberley. Visitors to the exhibition and domestic and foreign merchants Kimberly's staff explained Kimberly's products to foreign customers and answered various questions. During the exhibition, many visitors, reporters and interested customers rushed to visit and inquire. Some customers even asked for formal signing on the spot. As of the closing ceremony on the 14th, Kimberly's staff successfully signed four franchisees on the spot during the exhibition, More than 30 interested customers said they would visit the company after the exhibition, and the customers were distributed all over the country. In recent years, with the development of the construction of Haixi Economic Zone, Xiamen, as an important port city, has the advantage of directly connecting with the international market at the beginning of its establishment, which has accelerated the establishment of Xiamen's status as "Haixi kitchen and bathroom center". At a time when the global economy is gloomy and the kitchen and bathroom industry as a whole is in a downturn, Haixi kitchen and bathroom base has bucked the trend, showing a significant growth trend in output value, market share, export volume and so on. At present, the kitchen, bathroom and plumbing industry in Fujian Province has occupied 60% of the national market share, with more than 30 Enterprises above designated size. The overall customized manufacturing, parts production, finished product assembly, sales market, logistics, training and other supporting industries are basically perfect, and gradually become a mature industrial cluster

as a leading enterprise and leading brand in the overall home furnishing industry in East China, Kimberley home now has more than 300 franchise stores. We believe that with the full support of Kimberley home, every franchise partner newly integrated into the Kimberley family can achieve impressive results in the fierce market, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results with Kimberley, and grow together, Together, we will realize the core values of "integrity, unity, innovation and win-win"

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