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Small apartment space creative plan, double space storage

I: Five Secrets of small apartment space creative plan

1 Superimposed application

make use of drawer beds, pull-out tables, pull-out dining tables, double-layer cabinets, drawer cabinets and other furniture to enrich and reasonably use space and increase the utilization area of the room

2. Grow up

if the room is sufficiently high, you can use the extra height to separate the ceiling interlayer, and increase the folding ladder as a storage room. A high room can be made into a mezzanine floor, with one or two more rooms

3. Fair use of

furniture has many multi-purpose properties, and it is also a great ability to save space, such as folding beds, sofa beds, folding tables, chairs and so on

4 Take down

the doorway where the elevated floor is used is planned to be drawers, shoe cabinets, etc. Improve the height of the bed, and the space under the bed can be planned as a closet, drawer, etc. The desk, toy cabinet, small bookcase, wardrobe, etc. are set under the bed of the children's double deck elevated bed. The same place can be used under the sofa seat

II: local corners, dead corners mobility plan

corners and dead corners that are often overlooked by others will often have unexpected household results if they are reasonably used. For example, we can use steps under the stair treads to make movable drawers; The side of the space under the stairs close to the wall can be used as a display cabinet and other cabinets; Other vacant positions on the stairs can be planned as shelves or drawers to enrich the storage results

1 When choosing their own interests, small apartment color plans usually initiate the selection of light tones and center colors as the keynote of furniture and fabrics. Adjust the space tone sense

2 In order to reduce the physiological restraint brought by childhood space, choosing materials with relatively good permeability can be properly adjusted

3. Don't waste some space like the corner of the house type, and make full use of it to make it into a storage cabinet

4. Through daylighting to expand the field of vision, such as increasing the window size of the room, and accepting furniture with strong permeability or glass, the space becomes spacious and bright

5. Some furniture with light texture and simple shape, as well as furniture that can be combined and disassembled at will, are suitable for small house types, so as to increase the sense of openness of space

avoid points in small house type plan:

1 But don't isolate too much. Some non bearing walls can be lost, making the originally limited space look more spacious

2 Never accept too many colors and poor materials in a unified space, which will often cause a sense of visual restraint. It is best to take bright and soft colors as the main tone

III. creative plans for various spaces

1 Bedroom space enrichment plan

in order to meet the growing storage needs of the owner, we can also do some embedded disposal punishment on the side wall of the bedroom window, and the placement plan of the storage cabinet can be properly selected for the excess space, so as to make reasonable use of the space

2 Toilet creative plan

circular shower rooms can also be set, which makes the original straight-line space more soft curves and rich space visual sense. While the shower room is in the neutral position with the wall, adding a small cabinet will make full use of a lot of extra space

3 The use of trivial space in the corner of the kitchen

the kitchen space often sees redundant space, and the fair use of these small spaces just meets the storage needs of small objects, and integrates the whole space line with all departments, resulting in a more clean and circulating visual sense

today's small house type is no longer a single format, and some structures such as duplex and staggered floors that originally appeared in large house types also appear in small spaces. Therefore, the small house type format has also become larger and larger. Therefore, it is more important to plan more storage spaces in small house type space creativity, so that the plan can achieve unexpected results





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