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In this & ldquo; No creativity, no taste & rdquo; In this era, every aspect of our life is about personalization. Home decoration and whole house customization have long been popular. Now, the customization of doors and windows is about originality and personalization

in today's "no creativity, no taste" era, all aspects of our life pay attention to personalization. Home decoration whole house customization has long been popular, and now meticulous customization to doors and windows all pay attention to originality and personalization

with the improvement of people's living standards, the role of doors and windows in home has gone beyond the basic functions of anti-theft, wind and rain protection. It reflects the identity and taste of the owner of the house and is the silent spokesman of quality life

then, what aspects need to be considered for the personalization of door and window customization

integrated with the style of the house

if the relationship between the house and the doors and windows is compared with the image of a person, it is the coordination of a person's body and facial features, the appropriate proportion, and the appropriate embellishment, which can have a comfortable aesthetic feeling. In terms of shape, color, collocation and so on, we should pay attention to coordination in order to achieve a harmonious and comfortable decorative effect

in line with the local climatic conditions

China has a vast territory, and the climatic conditions vary greatly from place to place. The selection of doors and windows should also include the climatic conditions of your city. The products of meizhixuan doors and windows take "think what you want, customize your personalized needs" as the starting point, and customize doors and windows with different functions according to different cities

the northeast is a cold area, and the winter is long. The windows with heat preservation performance help you resist the long cold winter

the air quality in North China is worrying, and the windows equipped with fresh air system provide you with fresh oxygen continuously

the rainy season in East China is long, and windows with watertight properties are protected from disaster

South China is a high incidence area of typhoons, and the windproof window is perfect

the southwest is known as the "city that never sleeps", and the noise proof windows let you sleep well

make full communication with designers

door and window designers, like fashion designers, also have their own style and aesthetic differences. Before installing doors and windows, it is very necessary to fully communicate with the designer

due to the differences in the size of the space, the overall proportion, the color of home decoration, and the personal preferences of designers, many factors should be considered in the design of doors and windows

window shape design is related to the connection effect between indoor and outdoor. For example, sliding doors have the effect of open space, and casement windows have better sealing performance and ventilation effect

the size of doors and windows should also be designed from the perspective of space. Only when the design proportion is coordinated and the size and height are moderate, can the living feel comfortable

personalized door and window customization reflects the owner's taste and quality of life. Ingenuity is the choice of the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Doors and windows are demanding on every detail. In order to improve the quality of life and pursue the combination of high taste and natural comfort, every seemingly simple detail of doors and windows of beauty choice strives to be checked with high standards and strict requirements. Through the considerate consideration of the future life of the residents, meizhixuan doors and windows create the possibility of infinitely approaching the ideal habitat for you who pay attention to high quality

to make your living space more textural and comfortable, start with the customization of doors and windows





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