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Nantang village in Huxi Town, once unknown, has become the "hometown of straw wallpaper" in the industry due to the efforts of Zhang Liyun and his family for three generations

Nantang village in Huxi Town, once unknown, has become a famous "hometown of straw wallpaper" in the industry due to the efforts of Zhang Liyun and his family for three generations. Zhang Guangcai, Zhang Liyun's father and former party branch secretary of Nantang village, is the "ancestor" of Dongyang straw wallpaper. Next, Xiaobian will take a look at how this straw "ancestor" was refined with you

Amazon craft Wallpaper - wallpaper "art" made up by three generations

Zhang Liyun, who is in his 50s, has witnessed his father's research and development of straw wallpaper since his second year of junior high school, and has a different feeling for his father's perseverance. The colorful wallpaper often fascinated him. After leaving the army in 1982, Zhang Liyun became his father's helper without hesitation. In 1988, father and son founded Sany wallpaper factory. Two years later, this enterprise became the first Sino foreign joint venture in Dongyang - Zhejiang Zhicheng craft wallpaper Co., Ltd. "At the peak of Dongyang, there were hundreds of small enterprises producing this kind of wallpaper." Zhang Liyun said, but now there are only threeorfour ecological wallpaper manufacturers in Dongyang. "Our enterprise can survive because we don't think what we make is a piece of paper, but a work of art."

it is this mentality that drives Zhang Liyun and his family to innovate continuously for three generations. Among Zhang Guangcai's relics, there is a neatly arranged work log, which is densely painted with the design sketch of the knitting machine and the pattern of the wallpaper. A traditional Chinese painting of autumn fruit, with grapes piled up in bamboo baskets, is lifelike, with a poem on it, praising the harvest brought by nature. Like his father, Zhang Liyun likes to imagine freely. "For foreign trade orders, there is not much room for self-development. Usually, customers have to decide what patterns and materials they want." Zhang Liyun always makes some innovations by himself and then sells them to customers, which is usually very popular. He combined traditional Chinese calligraphy, painting and celadon art into wallpaper, and the Chinese style wallpaper he launched was very popular

The burden of inheritance has now fallen on Zhang Jianfeng, the son of Zhang Liyun, the third generation of Zhangjia. In his view, this kind of authentic art has a tension of life. Zhang Jianfeng likes to use the wisdom of a professional design team. Amazon craft wallpaper Co., Ltd., which he founded, once cooperated with Maya, a famous American designer, to develop a sunflower wallpaper, which is not only popular in the market, but also won awards. Now Zhang Jianfeng is working with sixorseven designer studios to develop some products with more artistic value

Amazon craft Wallpaper - keep your craft and create more classics

in the workshop of Amazon, workers automatically gather into two groups: young people in charge of forage finishing and processing, and middle-aged and elderly people in charge of weaving wallpaper nets

"straw wallpaper, as a manual skill, the biggest disadvantage of its development at present is that it is increasingly difficult to find workers in the manual weaving link." Zhang Liyun said that more than 40 women workers in the knitting workshop in the factory are over 40 years old, and the remaining 500 manual knitting workers are distributed in Henan, Anhui and other processing sites with lower labor costs. With the rise of domestic labor costs, their processing sites have spread to Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries and regions. "This job mainly depends on patience, and young people are unwilling to do it." The weaver in the workshop said that the thickness and degree of thickness of the material determine the weaving progress. The fastest one day can weave 20 or 30 meters, and the slow one is only more than 10 meters

how to make the value of ecological wallpaper bear higher labor costs? Zhang Jianfeng believes that this only depends on the strength of the brand. He once bought imported ecological Wallpaper of 800 yuan per square meter in Shanghai, but after careful study, he found that it was his own product, and his wallpaper only sold for about 100 yuan. "Just like Louis Vuitton, no matter how expensive it is, some people are willing to buy it. This is the value of the brand and the future direction of our family business." Zhang Jianfeng said that for this reason, we decided to restart the "Sany" brand. "What is the initial stage of entrepreneurship to make money and do? Now is the time to make a brand."

Zhang Liyun has always believed that even if an enterprise achieves a scale of hundreds of millions of yuan, it does not represent success. "Being bigger and stronger are two concepts. Success can only be achieved by achieving an irreplaceable position in this industry. Many towns in Europe and the United States have been doing one thing for generations, some making bread, some making beer, and some making leather goods. Their scale is not large, but they are highly recognized in the international market, and the brand value is also very deep." Zhang Liyun said that they just want to be such an enterprise, making ecological wallpaper a century old brand, so that the brand has immortal vitality




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