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Never underestimate the decoration of the bedroom wardrobe. The important point of the bedroom decoration is the storage. How can the storage be both beautiful and fashionable? Let's take a look at the decoration effect drawing of the wardrobe in Rheinland egger's bedroom

don't underestimate the decoration of the bedroom wardrobe. The important point of the bedroom decoration is the storage. How can the storage be both beautiful and fashionable? Then take a look at the decoration effect drawing of Rheinland egger bedroom wardrobe, choose a wardrobe that is most suitable for your bedroom to create a perfect private space, which is both beautiful and practical. Let's have a look first

Rheinland egger bedroom wardrobe decoration effect picture display

scheme analysis: corner shaped wardrobe

wardrobe can bear the role of partition wall. If the overall lighting of the room is good, then you can make full use of the space to design the wardrobe into an indomitable style. If there is only one side of daylighting, it is best to leave space above the wardrobe so that natural light can enter

appearance tips: the color of the wardrobe door is recommended to be consistent with the wall, bedstead or bedding

scheme analysis: the glass transparent wardrobe

the glass door creates a transparent feeling, and the dark glass can block the mess inside some cloakrooms. The internal structure design should be considered completely, and the suspension, flat placement, drawers, cubicles, etc. should be properly selected

appearance tips: it forms a good visual effect with the sliding door of the ground decorative color system

scheme analysis: fully enclosed wardrobe

fully enclosed cabinets are adopted in the cloakroom, so that in addition to changing clothes, it can also be used as a place for families to rest. The design with cabinet door will not appear messy at all

appearance tips: if the lighting is general, it is recommended that the color of the cabinet door not be too dark, otherwise the ground and other accessories are not easy to match

scheme analysis: highly customized wardrobe

customize the wardrobe according to the height of the room. Even the corners of the inclined roof can not be abandoned and play a storage role. Try to control the unit separation width of the door within 50 cm to facilitate opening and storage

appearance tips: under the inclined roof, the general lighting is not ideal, so it is recommended to choose light color wardrobe panel

scheme analysis: the TV is embedded in the wardrobe

if you want to watch TV in the bedroom without sacrificing the wall where furniture can be placed, you can choose to embed the LCD TV into the cabinet door. The integrated design solves the dual functions, which is labor-saving and has a sense of science and technology. The wardrobe can be designed with double-sided doors to facilitate the access of items. The part where LCD TV is installed will generally be decorated with black crystal glass, so it is best to choose light color for the cabinet, otherwise the space will be too heavy

appearance tips: the color of the cabinet should not form too much contrast with other decorations, otherwise the color balance of the whole space will be lost

other Rheinland egger wardrobe renderings show that the white simple style is the best choice for modern decoration. The white warm home decoration, combined with the simple wardrobe, is also simple in design, which is very suitable for home decoration with black and white decoration

the classic and elegant log color design is warm, simple and practical, with introverted and elegant texture, fashionable design, and the feeling of IKEA

this wardrobe is simply versatile. The large space wardrobe with sliding door is practical, simple and beautiful, which is comparable to a cloakroom! Rheinland egger customized wardrobe, focusing on humanized innovative design, making the best wardrobe and giving you the best experience

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