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Waving passion and beating dreams - "Yanxiang" of Harbin Institute of technology on December 5, 2008, the 2008 "Yanxiang electric cup" badminton competition for faculty and staff of Harbin Institute of technology kicked off in the gymnasium of the first campus of Harbin Institute of technology. This badminton competition was jointly organized by Harbin Institute of Technology and Yanxiang group

the cold wave can not stop the enthusiasm of the teaching staff of Harbin Institute of technology for physical exercise. first, Speech by leaders of Yanxiang group: "Over the years, Harbin Institute of technology has been based on aerospace, serving national defense, and facing the main battlefield of national economic construction. The development of Harbin Institute of technology has always been highly concerned by the party and the state. The development process of Yanxiang group is also one step at a time. In 15 years, it has developed into a listed company with 44 branches, 4 R & D centers and more than 4000 employees in China. As China's largest special computer research, development, manufacturing As a high-tech enterprise integrating sales and systems, Yanxiang group has given great support to this competition. We look forward to taking this badminton competition as an opportunity to continuously strengthen cooperation with Harbin Institute of technology in teaching, scientific research, intelligent construction and other aspects. "

then, the leaders of Harbin Institute of technology expressed their gratitude to Yanxiang group and hoped that the two sides would continue to strengthen cooperation and common development in the future. Subsequently, the chairman of the trade union of the Harbin Institute of technology announced that the competition officially began when it was heated to the melting temperature. The competition was grandly opened in the slogan of "competition style, competition level, unity and hard work to achieve better results". The competition is divided into competition items and mass competition items with the trade unions of various departments as the unit. The competition items include women's mixed teams, men's doubles, women's doubles, men's mixed doubles, men's singles and women's singles, which help customers keep leading in the industry through continuous innovation; At the end of the opening ceremony, there were "Chang'e flying to the moon", "Hercules shooting", "30 second bouncing", "happy family combination mixed with the roughness of its surface doubles", "front ball confrontation" and other interesting competitions for the masses. The teaching staff actively participated in the competition in a warm atmosphere

it is reported that more than 20 units participated in the badminton competition. The school of electrical and automation, the school of aerospace, the school of materials, the school of mechanical and electrical engineering, the school of energy, the school of computer and the school of transportation of Harbin Institute of technology all sent super teams to participate. The whole competition process was intense and ups and downs. Sports and health are with us. After three days of fierce competition, this badminton competition came to an end. The 3-day experience is unforgettable to us. We believe that in the future, Yanxiang will continue to innovate with Harbin Institute of technology, based on China and facing the world, and walk through every wonderful tomorrow

leaders and guests attending the opening ceremony

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