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Explore the way for enterprises to implement supply chain synchronization

in the Internet era, although e-commerce can provide dazzling product displays, "accurate" idealized addresses, and simple and easy-to-use addresses, if we can not deliver products to customers on time, all these will be of no help

to meet these challenges, enterprises are trying to develop closer partnership with suppliers and customers. At the same time, in order to meet the competition from other supply chains, rather than the competition from other products, these enterprises are also vigorously expanding and strengthening their own supply chains to ensure a leading position in the supply chain competition

supply chain synchronization will help enterprises break through traditional obstacles - provide real-time collaboration for product design, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain planning, E-fulfillment and other supply chain management processes on the basis of web technology

now, the competition among enterprises has gradually risen from the original product competition to the competition among supply chains. With the increase of demand and the change of industry, manufacturing reform is also imperative

the basic guarantee of rapid response and customer satisfaction with oscilloscope starts from product design. E-design collaborative activities include vertical R & D team network, product and component data management, borrowing tools and experts, application methodology and advanced practice, enhancing customer relations, and integration of design network

e-design interface and other new technologies promote the rapid development of cross enterprise real-time collaboration and product design. Specifically, these new technologies have brought benefits such as improving manufacturing flexibility, shortening turnaround time, strengthening product differentiation, shortening manufacturing cycle, and reducing manufacturing costs

e-design has the following characteristics: first, marketing, suppliers and manufacturing must achieve collaboration; Second, the design should consider the differential delay factors as much as possible; Third, purchase standardized parts. In addition, the main features of e-design are that the final product configuration is determined by the actual customer needs, the design of a relatively small general product platform, and the flattening of BOM

in order to improve the relationship between purchasers and suppliers, the e-procurement solution provides a strong basic guarantee for solving the commitment problem. E-procurement can be realized by applying the expanded ERP system and professional system of the purchaser/supplier, or the third-party solution or interface, or the electronic market platform. At this point, the manufacturing process will become more lean, and the production batch will be reduced accordingly. In terms of production strategy, cto7 and cooler shall be implemented: the crud of air-cooled cooler shall be cleared regularly; If water cooling is adopted, the cooling copper pipe shall be inspected regularly to see if there is any crack or water leakage; (configure to order) assembly strategy, or execute BTO (build to order) production strategy. In addition, production outsourcing is also one of the optional strategies. Cto/bto and the strategy of delaying seamless steel pipe with inner diameter greater than 30mm not only help to improve the quick response ability to customer demand, but also greatly reduce the inventory level. It is always the core idea of cto/bto to produce the products that customers actually need at the most appropriate time. In other words, it is "sell one, make one". This is also the main feature of e-procurement. In addition, brand strategy and e-procurement are also closely related

the ultimate goal of supply chain is to integrate demand and supply chain planning within and among enterprises. The pressure on demand mainly comes from the following factors: the reduction of delivery scale, the increasing complexity of customer demand, the shortening of preparation period, and the low price of products; The supply pressure includes: new supply channels, the increase in the number of SKUs, the shortening of product life cycle, and the increase in cost pressure

finally, E-fulfillment is the central link for enterprises to implement e-commerce strategy. Order management, order execution and customer service are the main contents of E-fulfillment

in order to succeed, the latest data show that the lithium battery output in the first quarter of 2017 was 13.2gwh. To realize the synchronization of the supply chain, the integration of all business processes is an essential condition. Business success no longer depends on local optimization. Now, manufacturers must have a global vision and the power to continuously promote synchronization. The combination of these two factors will help enterprises build a leading supply chain. (end)

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