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To create "Apple light" exclusively for the wall, Dabao paint has a way to create "Apple light" exclusively for the wall. Dabao paint has a way to create "Apple light" exclusively for the wall. As we all know, our food, clothing, housing and transportation are inextricably linked with "light". If you don't use the machine for a long time, you should pay attention to cutting off the power supply. The gloss of the wall paint is high or low. There are also factory bright or matte surfaces in fowlerville, Michigan, Sandusky, Ohio and Blacksburg, South Carolina. What different experience can it bring to the effect of the room decoration

Dabao paint has been committed to building a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise for a long time. After years of efforts, Dabao paint has made major breakthroughs in technology and process. Its quality is at the international forefront. It is green and environment-friendly, and its industrial energy-saving effect is remarkable. Through the innovation of equipment, process and products, the company has realized the combination of "high quality and high efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction, economy and environmental protection" and the coating for corrugated board

in order to bring a better experience to customers and meet their needs, Dabao paint R & D team developed and built the exclusive "Apple light" on the wall. Recently, Dabao velvet eggshell was launched to successfully develop the smooth wall finish

it is understood that this product highly integrates the hand feeling, texture, visual and gloss advantages of foreign brands and medium and high-end coating products in the market, and combines with the practical functions of the coating. It also specifically adds a high-end matte composite functional coating product with "class I antibacterial function" and "Class 0 mildew proof function" to the needs of the allergic and susceptible people

at the same time, the product R & D skillfully integrates the touch of eggshell surface, soft light effect and other elements into the paint design for sublimation and application, presenting a surface texture and matte effect superior to the traditional paint, and releasing more diversified plastic space for bedroom design, wall decoration, soft decoration and so on

note: the above pictures are taken for reference. The effect of coating on the wall will be slightly different due to different substrates, brushing tools, brushing methods, color depth, etc. Please refer to the real object

it is worth mentioning that "velvet eggshell light" mainly promotes paint texture and matte effect, and also attaches importance to environmental protection. The product has obtained three international environmental protection Certifications: European IAC gold (gold), French a+ certification, and American FDA food contact certification, providing multiple protection for the health of living room walls

Dabao paint has always adhered to quality and service, and has won such honors as "China's famous trademark", "top 100 enterprises in China's paint industry in a century", "typical enterprise of national quality integrity benchmark", "national high-tech enterprise", "Shanghai famous product", "Guangdong famous trademark", etc. According to the relevant person in charge, in the future, Dabao will continue to extend value-added services, promote cooperation with the whole coating industry chain, create new opportunities for development, and jointly create a new situation of high-quality development of the whole coating industry chain in China

at present, Dabao has more than 200 senior and high-quality scientific research talents, of which more than 70% have more than 10 years of scientific research experience. At the same time, the company also hired the former director of Shanghai paint research institute and other domestic and international technical experts who have made outstanding achievements in the research and development of coatings and resins, analytical and experimental equipment, new raw materials and other fields in the United States, Japan and Taiwan as the company's senior consultants. They are stationed for technical guidance and subject development, playing a major role in the innovation and development of the company's scientific research technology

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