The hottest way to pack seeds is to pack gold

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Packaging seeds is like packaging gold. If the weighing and bagging accuracy of a packaging system reaches 1g, it would be better. Heinz seed company, a subsidiary of Heinz company in the United States, sold its patented product, a special tomato seed, to farmers. As early as 1991, it could sell 70000 bags. According to the size of seeds, the size of the packaging bag will accurately contain 150000 seeds, and the weight of each bag is controlled within the error range of 1 pound; The price ranges from $300 to $1500 depending on the variety. 3.2 Heinz company used to bag seeds manually and then sew them. However, the increasing sales volume makes this practice seem impractical. Therefore, last year, the company installed a weighing/loading/packaging system produced by weighpack/paxiom company. This is the choice they made after seeing a large number of machines with extended material retention time. It is very flexible, easy to operate, and particularly accurate. The bags produced by it are very good-looking and inexpensive compared with other machines. In addition, the floor area of this machine is very small, so no more space is required. Heinz started his agricultural research work in 1915, and was the first company to actively participate in tomato planting experiments. Now, it is one of the leaders in this high-tech field. The contents include artificial pollination, experiments on hybrid varieties, etc. They have experimented repeatedly around the world, and now a total of 73 different hybrid varieties are on sale. Bagging is the most important part. It consists of an AEF-1 weighing device installed on the upper part and a zippy output bagging device. The accuracy of the system can reach plus or minus 1g (about 300 seeds) and can hold 40 bags per minute. The bagging part is the main part of this intermittent movement operation. Each time, the packaging bag is opened at the feeding port and sends a scale signal to the feeding place. Heinzseed puts 150000 seeds weighing approximately 1 pound into each pocket. Because the seeds of different hybrid varieties are slightly different in size and weight, the size of the packaging bag also changes. Heinzseed currently uses four different sizes of bags, ranging from 6.5 inches wide and 9 inches high to 7.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches high. One of the reasons why we choose the weighpack system is the flexibility of changing the size of the bag from one size to another. All we need to do is press the button on the operation panel. The seeds are transferred to the weighing funnel through a vacuum transmission device. There is a horizontal switch on the funnel. The constant value is maintained in the funnel through the switch transmission system so that the measuring head will not be overloaded or deficient. The weighing device has a three head scale control to meet the needs of design speed. Each head consists of two vibrating plates, a wide main plate and a narrow transmission plate. At the beginning of an operating cycle, both discs vibrate to transport the product to the weighing drum. When about 95% of the product to be weighed is placed in the weighing bucket, the main plate stops vibrating and the baffle is closed to ensure that no more product is transferred from the main plate. The drive plate switches to a smaller amplitude and vibrates continuously until the product in the weighing bucket reaches the correct weight. At this time, the drive plate stops vibrating and the baffle on the plate is closed. When the other two barrels are filling, one barrel discharges for each filling cycle. The insert plate helps to open the bag and the lining. Vertical polyethylene ester bags are provided at the gate, and the operator places these bags on the two pins under the filling pipe. This operation can be carried out even when the machine is running. To start each filling cycle, the insert plate is lowered, the bag is opened, and after the bottom lining is added, a downward air nozzle opens the top bag. This piston opener is a unique feature of this machine. When the seeds enter the packaging bag, they are too light to push the opened packaging bag. Therefore, weighpack developed this piston opener to open the packaging bag before the seeds are filled. The movement of the piston sends a signal to the weighing device to unload the product from the weighing barrel into the packaging bag. Because the product flows around the piston and enters the packaging bag when the piston is raised, weighpack must do some work on the design and rising speed of the piston to ensure that the piston will not bring out the seeds. In fact, this is not the main problem, because the seeds are too small, they flow like water; But they made some minor changes to the piston so that it wouldn't take any product away. After the bag is filled, a mechanism with two fingers pulls it away from the pin and moves the side to the left to transfer the bag to the heat sealing device. Two parallel conveyor belts transport the bags with heat sealing teeth to seal the top. When the bag leaves the heating section, it cuts off the plastic material on the top of the seal through a rotating knife and throws it into the dustbin. The bagging part can be equipped with a embossing or inkjet printer, but Heinz seed did not choose this part. The bags leave the movable bagging section and are transferred to the container and then manually packed for sale. The computer control makes the communication with users very friendly. The weighing/packaging device is controlled by a system where special packaging film is expected to become a low-cost alternative material for medical trials. This control system can load 100 formulas, although Heinz currently only uses 4 formulas (each corresponding to a packaging bag size). For each recipe, the operator enters all the necessary data and assigns a recipe number to it. To run these recipes, the operator only needs to enter the recipe number on the operation panel. Each recipe contains all the information about the weighing and packaging that needs to be controlled. For each package size, it is necessary to include the operating speed, filling weight, vibration time and amplitude of the main plate and drive plate, dumping times and more. The system also controls the timing of the machine. For example, before receiving the signal that the piston bag opener has entered the bag, the machine will not open the dumping baffle of the scale barrel. The baffle at the end of the filling channel will not open until the dumping baffle at the scale barrel is closed, and the disk vibration will not start until the baffle at the end of the disk is opened. The automatic feedback system senses the weight of the empty weighing bucket and automatically returns the scale to zero so that the correct weight can be maintained. The operator sets the frequency of returning to zero on the control panel: every 500 weighing times, every 1000 weighing times or whenever he feels correct. This is not a critical factor because the seeds are too clean and can flow freely, but there may be dust deposits in the barrel, and this eliminates any possibility of weighing errors. If the weighing device weighs all the products, it will automatically shut down. In order to compensate for the short-term shortage, the operator can set the continuous operation time after the filling hopper is empty. As an automatic safety protection function, the balance will dump after weighing the correct product. The history screen allows the operator to track operations. In other data, these give the average weight of each head: the number of bags in operation and the total weight of product distribution over a specified period of time. Another monitor allows the operator to observe the weight of the product at each dump. The multi trix unit contains maintenance and self-test monitors that help the operator determine the cause of the problem. The key element of weighing/bagging with full file operation function is the quick separation baffle and other components that can be easily removed and replaced. If the diagnostic monitor indicates an imperfect component, weighpack can send a replacement baffle in one night, and Heinz can easily insert it. This application is not as easy as it says. It initially posed a strong challenge like weighpack/paxiom, but they stuck to it and now it works very well. Multi layer packaging bag is a multi-layer packaging bag provided by c&h packaging company. The outer layer is made of 48 grams of PET material printed by flexographic printing, and the inner layer is adhered with a layer of white opaque material. It is more difficult than expected to develop this kind of packaging bag. Customers need very precise tolerance. The sides and the bottom of the lining are all challenged. This is designed with the joint efforts of technicians from both sides

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