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How to innovate packaging? Also from the perspective of labels

Abstract: when you try to carry out new packaging research and development from the perspective of labels, the factors to be considered should have a certain priority. On this basis, you should use your imagination, clarify the desired goals, and then look for appropriate technologies to achieve them

multi label technology can be used as an entry-level brand protection measure. The pattern, processing effect and printing technology can provide brand protection through anti-counterfeiting measures. In addition, with the rapid development of electronic packaging technology in recent years, the cost has been reduced. At the same time, the application field has become more and more extensive, and the functionality has also been greatly strengthened. Remote control packaging, RFID tags, real technology packaging and other forms can be used as innovation points

when you try to carry out new packaging research and development from the perspective of labels, the factors to be considered should have a certain priority. On this basis, you should use your imagination, clarify the desired goals, and then find appropriate technologies to achieve them

make clear that the plan is second to none

before R & D of packaging products, it is necessary to make clear the expected shelf effect and long-term brand building effect in a short time. Making a long-term business plan is a wise choice, and it will also make the investment of time and money get twice the result with half the effort. Generally speaking, technologies can be superimposed on each other to create a brand story that is both creative and resonating with consumers

both interesting and functional

nowadays, there are many ways to please consumers, but the ways to be taken should be analyzed in detail. For example, beer or wine packaging can often successfully create a humorous effect, but it is difficult to apply the same method to personal care products. In the family care products, functional or easy-to-use design plays an important role in improving the product use experience, but it is slightly exaggerated if it is applied to the food field. Understand the consumption habits of users of each type of product, and then try to gain their recognition and love by improving the added value of product packaging or life taste

jwt JWT designed the label for the fruit juice wine under the wine brand Smirnoff. This fruit juice wine has three flavors: lemon, passion fruit and strawberry. The designer takes the fruit texture as the theme and directly wraps a layer of thin film peel on the bottle body, which accounts for 70% of the output of plastic daily necessities in the Chinese market. When consumers open the label, they feel as if they are peeling off a fruit. At the same time, it also means that the fruit juice wine is fresh and sweet

unique security strategy is indispensable

many label technologies can be used as entry-level brand protection measures. Patterns, processing effects and printing technologies can provide brand protection functions through anti-counterfeiting measures. However, what real brand protection needs is a more strategic solution. Because the value of a brand is immeasurable, it is often based on consumers' trust in products. Usually, the biggest obstacle to brand protection strategy is to take the first step. Although many entry-level protection measures do not require expensive investment and have scalability, it is difficult to implement brand protection measures without comprehensive risk assessment and anti-counterfeiting strategies

metallic inks are the icing on the cake

today's inks can not only be applied to more and more printing processes, but also the range of substrates for printing is increasing. The metal ink printed on the shrink sleeve label can bear 25% shrinkage while maintaining the original effect of the product

"active" inks may have a try

maybe scented inks are not uncommon. Now inks that can be "tasted" by consumers are also under experimental development. Time sensitive inks have been used in the market. Such inks can change color with the passage of time, so as to remind users of product freshness and expiry date. Arm hammer uses such inks to prompt consumers to replace baking soda powder in the refrigerator. With the development of technology, the cost of thermochromic ink becomes lower and lower, and it is more and more popular with consumers

led label adds color

vodka brand under Medea spirits has launched an interactive wine bottle, which allows retailers and consumers to transmit information to the label of the bottle. Because the bottle body is pasted with LED soft display, through Bluetooth technology, consumers can use the Medea app to search and lock a wine bottle, and then let the display display display the input information at will. Messages can be displayed in bright blue, white, or pink. The label can store 6 pieces of information. Two buttons control the activation of the label and the switching of information

unlimited potential of electronic packaging

electronic packaging is a general term for many technologies. In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic packaging technology and the reduction of cost, the application field has become more and more extensive, and the functionality has been greatly enhanced, such as tamper proof, error detection, freshness detection, color change, animation effect, sound or music, and even flavor control. There is no doubt that electronic packaging has become an important factor to increase the brand premium, so it is more likely to increase the added value of products. Pioneers in the development and innovation of such technologies are establishing benchmarks for how consumers interact with electronic packaging

Johnnie Walker's ginger ale with red label is a classic drink in the bar. In order to carry forward this cocktail, Johnnie Walker specially launched a high-tech wine cup called "the boldest glass", which aims to enable drinkers to hear the sound at the moment of liquor entrance, so as to improve the drinking taste. The design principle of the wine cup is: a wireless receiver is installed in the thick part at the bottom of the cup. After receiving the audio signal from the transmitter, the audio vibration is transmitted to the glass part at the upper part of the cup. When drinking, the vibration is transmitted to the teeth at the moment when the mouth contacts the wine cup, and then directly transmitted to the inner ear through the jaw bone, so the sound can be heard

remote control packaging has sprung up

imagine what a surprise it would be if all the packages on the shelves were suddenly lit up when you entered the store shelf channel! This remote control package is driven by a single power supply through wireless operation technology, which can bring many benefits while carrying out data acquisition. Once the initial design is complete and functional, the corresponding graphic elements can be printed in batches. These figures can be "lit" by programs, motion sensors or other forms of activation systems

health highlights are integrated into the packaging

the packaging of some medical and health care products can monitor patients' compliance and remind patients to take medicine on time in real time. Such messages can prompt patients through sound or scroll screen

pilldrill is an intelligent medicine box that can remind patients to take medicine. When taking medicine, the patient needs to scan the medicine bottle with the entrepreneur after obtaining product certification on the terminal. The system will display the medicine taking notice, sync it to the terminal and make a sound. The mobile device will also receive the synchronized medicine taking reminder at the same time. This function is mainly generated according to whether the patient is near the terminal or whether the terminal has medication records. If not, it will be pushed to the. Strictly speaking, its core lies not in the "medicine box" itself, but in the supporting terminal and the medicine bottle with wireless label on the bottle cap

rfid tag highlights frequently

radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are commonly used in clothing and electronic products. Akira Takeuchi, managing director of Mitsubishi materials, and other senior executives bowed and apologized. In addition to improving transportation efficiency and inventory management, passive radio frequency tags also have many advantages, such as maintaining stable functions in harsh environments, real-time reading and providing sales data to retailers

extra optical, a Norwegian glasses company, has implemented an RFID distribution solution to automatically track the distribution of glasses and send a notice when glasses are about to be delivered to consumers' homes or offices. The system used by extra optical attaches RFI to the express package. What it most desires is flexible financing channels and mode D tags. It installs readers in the distribution center and uses software to bind the unique ID number of each tag to the corresponding distribution information. When glasses are delivered, the software also sends a message to the shipper. This not only reduces losses for the company, but also enables consumers to obtain order transportation information

augmented reality technology enables interaction

augmented reality (AR) technology can intelligently create 3D animation, which can be used for packaging, poster or advertising design and development. AR technology can not only be used to promote products and enhance interest, but also be a real interactive game. Some technologies do not need special label graphic elements or printing technology when applied. On the contrary, they often use graphic pattern recognition to "start" the packaging and open the graphics or games on it

if you need to find a high-quality solution to a specific problem, you might as well take a look at the technologies mentioned above. For example, it is very expensive for a motor vehicle manufacturer to find that the shipment of a device is incomplete, and RFID tags can ensure that the device is complete before leaving the factory, because these technologies can not only complete two-way data collection, but also analyze the collected information in more detail

Disney has made a huge investment in the super RFID Bracelet project. Visitors can use this RFID bracelet as a room key, a theme park ticket, and even as a payment tool for purchasing goods in the park. At the same time, Disney's 340 Dalian lock stores have also experienced a huge innovation and reform, labeling all goods. When the labeled goods are close to another labeled goods, the two can interact. For example, if you wear an RFID tag crown and pass the magic mirror, snow white will appear in the mirror to have a brief conversation with you. In this way, the shopping experience of customers in these retail stores is more like a short trip to Disneyland, and the consumption experience has been greatly improved

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