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The 10th China international Electromechanical Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Expo") recently came to an end in Wuhan. According to the statistics of the organizing committee, the on-site transaction volume of the Expo this year was only 330million yuan, nearly 70% lower than the transaction volume of more than 1 billion yuan last year

at the site of the Machinery Expo, some enterprises lamented that the current situation of the mechanical and electrical industry was like the weather in early autumn. When the devices were twists and turns in the opposite direction after the slow recovery, there were still bursts of chill

500 exhibitors, only eight of them realized on-site transactions

it is understood that, as a basic industry of the national economy, the electromechanical industry covers enterprises in machinery, automobile, electronics, weapons, shipbuilding, light industrial machinery, textile machinery and other systems, accounting for the first place in China's foreign trade for 14 consecutive years. By last year, electromechanical products had accounted for 57.5% of China's total foreign trade

six professional exhibition areas, including machine tools and tools, industrial control and automation, general machinery, energy conservation and environmental protection, electric power and electrician, automobile and engineering machinery (square), were set up in the 10th Machinery Expo, with an exhibition area of 30000 square meters and 500 exhibitors, including 200 of the world's top 500 enterprises, international and domestic well-known enterprises and industry leaders

figures provided by the Organizing Committee of the Machinery Expo show that in the four days from September 23 to 27, the on-site transaction volume of the exhibitors of this Machinery Expo was only 330million yuan, including 260million yuan in the machine tool exhibition area and 70million yuan in the industrial control automation exhibition area. There are only eight enterprises that have realized on-the-spot transactions, such as China Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd., Hanjiang Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Ritz

in interviews with exhibitors, "shrinking business volume", "declining profits" and "export sales have not yet fully recovered" are common conditions for most manufacturers

the head of Hanchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. said solemnly that before the financial crisis, the company's export volume could reach 30million yuan a year, but this year it was less than 10million yuan. At present, China's equipment manufacturing industry is shrinking. It is estimated that Hanchuan machine tool will take two to three years to recover

the products of yato, a Sino foreign joint venture, are mainly exported. The on-site person in charge said that the business volume has decreased by 30% compared with that before the crisis, and the profit is also declining, but it can still be profitable

the on-site person in charge of Guangdong zhaoqingfang atmospheric Power Co., Ltd. said that the company was greatly impacted by the financial crisis last year, and the current business situation is still far from that before the financial crisis

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, from January to August this year, China's total foreign trade reached US $1338.66 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 22.4%. Among them, the export of mechanical and electrical products reached US $427.85 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 20.6%

Wuhan, an important industrial city which has successfully held the ninth Machinery Expo in a row, the export of mechanical and electrical products is a microcosm of the current situation. According to the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, affected by the financial crisis, Wuhan's export of mechanical and electrical products this year fell by 23% as of this month, showing a continuous decline for ten months, and has not yet reached the bottom. The main reason is that the external demand for ships and steel, which accounted for a large proportion of exports in the past, is weaker than that in accordance with "3.3". At the same time, automobiles and monitors have also been greatly impacted

however, the emerging small and medium-sized enterprises in Wuhan Optical Valley, which are assembled by Tencent and Durethan, perform well. Quqiwen, director of the policy and regulation department of Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that due to their strong innovation ability and small scale, these enterprises have strong anti risk ability in the face of the financial crisis. For example, Huagong technology achieved a 150% increase in profits this year

there are still bright spots in the crisis

it was found in the interview that despite the overall weakness in the export of domestic mechanical and electrical products, there are still some technology intensive enterprises with unparalleled high performance in the Machinery Expo, which bucked the trend, and the export volume has gradually increased since the first half of this year

the worm and gear reducers produced by Hangzhou Jiepai Holding Co., Ltd. are among the best in the reducer industry in China. Although many companies in the same industry closed down in the second half of last year, this enterprise was not greatly affected last year, but its export sales increased slightly. This year, stimulated by the national macroeconomic environment, especially the demand in rural areas and the power industry, orders have gradually increased since May this year, and the overall business volume has increased by 30-40%

xuhao, manager of the company's marketing center in Shanghai, said that the secret of the enterprise lies in the technology based, low cost and guaranteed quality. Many domestic customers who used to buy imported products now turn to their companies, so the business volume is increasing instead of decreasing

Wuhan Branch of Shanghai unist Compressor Co., Ltd., established in 2002, saw an overall decline of 50% in business volume last year, and has recovered 80% this year

Qu Qiwen said that in a crisis, the key for enterprises to save themselves is to practice their internal skills, actively carry out technological upgrading, and form an overall joint force driven by leading enterprises. For example, Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., a major exporter of mechanical and electrical products, needs to further extend the steel industry chain. In addition, the methods for electromechanical enterprises to promote export also include developing emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, Africa and South America, and promoting the export of electromechanical equipment through project contracting

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