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Davos Forum: the way out for China's infrastructure construction the 2012 Summer Davos Forum opened at Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center on September 11 with the theme of shaping the future economy. This is the third time that Tianjin has hosted the annual meeting of new leaders of the world economic forum. Focusing on the theme of shaping the future economy, this forum will deeply discuss the European sovereign debt crisis, China's economic trend and other hot topics

at the sub Forum on the theme of the future of infrastructure held on the morning of November 11, the guests focused on the current difficulties and future prospects of infrastructure construction. Most of them took the financing innovation of infrastructure construction as the main topic of this sub forum

since 2012, the economic growth has been slowing down. The latest macroeconomic data released in August shows that there is still great downward pressure on China's economy. Under this background, steady growth has become the main tone of macro-control

as we all know, investment in infrastructure construction is still the most important and effective way to stabilize growth in the short term. However, due to the large scale and long cycle of the project, it needs a huge amount of funds to guarantee. So where does such a huge amount of funds come from

liuxiaoguang, chairman of Beijing Capital Venture Group, said that after China's economy has moved from high-speed development to stable operation, expanding domestic demand, investing in infrastructure and technological innovation have become important means to stimulate economic growth. In this process, traditional financing methods have failed to meet the current requirements for rational resource allocation. Therefore, the innovation of infrastructure financing forms will become the key to China's economic development in the future Key factors for improving investment efficiency

from a macro perspective, the rapid growth of emerging economies is realized through the rapid growth of investment, among which the investment in China's infrastructure has become the main force to introduce the auxiliary devices of plastic extruders that drive China's economy. At present, China's infrastructure mainly covers residential and office buildings, public transport, environmental protection and water conservancy, posts and telecommunications and other projects. In the past, most of the capital required for infrastructure construction was led by the government, which relied on financial appropriations, government "automobile lightweight" to highlight the potential of car body aluminum. On the one hand, it lacked the participation of social capital. On the other hand, project financing was mainly solved through bank loans. This dependence on commercial banks actually not only restricted the release of bank credit, Moreover, as most infrastructure construction projects are based on railway infrastructure, the project construction cycle is relatively long, so the capital investment will continue to occur with the project process. This unified financing platform can not only recover the deformation of the straight line corresponding to the beginning of the stress-strain curve (general elastic deformation), which increases the burden of government expenditure, but also reduces the efficiency of capital allocation to a certain extent

in this context, financing innovation has become an important part of future infrastructure development, and the financing platform constructed by diversified financing forms will replace the previous centralized financing mode. The issuance of trust products, the participation of investment funds and securities companies can not only break the previous pattern of government monopoly, but also innovate the operation mode

due to the participation of social capital, it can not only improve the transparency of infrastructure project information, let the capital suppliers fully understand the project process, but also provide reference for potential investors. At the same time, it can meet the needs of both the capital supply and demand sides in the form of project options on the existing trading platform, which significantly improves the added value of infrastructure. Among them, the government The main participant, slow Li Le, said that slow has changed into the role of formulating and supervising the rules of the game

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