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The neighbors wanted to buy a wardrobe, but they were always struggling to decide whether to move the door or open it horizontally. Xiaobian didn't dare to make a conclusion, so she showed her the following real-world pictures of the design scheme that was most praised by the owner. As a result, she still couldn't make up her mind

the neighbor wanted to buy a wardrobe, but he had been struggling to decide whether to move the door or open the door horizontally. Xiaobian didn't dare to make a decision, so he showed her the following real pictures of the design scheme most praised by the owner. As a result, she still couldn't make up her mind and asked her the reason, but it turned out to be moving the door and opening the door peacefully, no matter which one you like! Everyone wants

sliding door

between pushing and pulling, it is silent

the classic warm white American metal sliding door of American Stanley home. Its aluminum alloy frame is matched with warm yellow leather hard bag, which is more avantgarde and atmospheric in appearance, and it is easy to install, removable and reconstituted. It is more convenient to push and pull. When necessary, move it aside, and the internal structure is clear at a glance, without visual dead corners, and does not occupy excess space

the white rubber sliding door can brighten the space. With the aluminum titanium magnesium alloy frame design, it is hard and durable, corrosion resistant, not easy to fade, and has a longer service life. For the bedroom with relatively narrow space, the sliding door is more appropriate. It can be opened at one finger. The operation is simple and convenient for the elderly and children

the sliding door of the wardrobe is not only a door cover, but also a decorative effect. The combination of warm white shutter and elegant orchid glass waist line is more amazing, breaking the monotony and dryness of space, and bringing a touch of flexibility and elegance to home life

the sliding door into the wall is designed to save space. It can be used with fully functional and diverse cloakroom cabinets. It is dust-proof, dirt resistant and has a strong sense of privacy

the shutter sliding door has good breathability. With white rose Iraqi waist line, it shows generosity, fashion and modernity. The sliding door track is extremely smooth, anti-collision and silent. It can slow down automatically before closing, so as to prevent pinch injury accidents and ensure safe use

swing door

it has a degree of opening and closing, and the design is intimate

swing door has good sealing performance and strong moisture-proof performance. It is suitable for all kinds of cabinets. The overall visual effect is good, the process is stable, exquisite and practical, and it is very suitable for families with many clothes at home

the Santa Maria swing door of American Stanley home can be regarded as the responsibility of beauty and strength. Its simple and smooth arc lines and bronze ceramic handle design have a unique American charm; Solid wood door frame is solid and stable, lattice glass cabinet door is transparent and fashionable, dust-proof and moisture-proof, and the whole wardrobe is more noble

American Stanley home Windsor Castle swing door is designed with leather doors under the glass, which combines the virtual and the real, not only showing the effect, but also maintaining a sense of mystery; The aluminum alloy frame is solid and corrosion-resistant, does not deform and fade. It is practical and beautiful with crystal handle and exquisite waist line

simple full body shutter swing door, the overall style is simple and neat. There is a professional corner guard design for the door corners. The door hinge is American Stanley household Ace Hardware, with guaranteed quality, no rust, no falling, and more flexible opening and closing, creating a safe and carefree home life for you

these sliding doors and flat doors have their own charm. Which one do you prefer? If the editor is a local tyrant, he will contract everything! In short, radishes and vegetables have their own interests. If you want to have more choices, it's right to come to Stanley home in the United States




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