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The United States is a developed country with a relatively high economic living standard. They are more willing to return to nature in life outside work. Americans who are good at enjoying life like to make their homes comfortable and relaxed. So, how to match the American style that is deeply loved by everyone

American style collocation 1. Color

the traditional American style is elegant, soft and coordinated in color. Based on the log color, the overall colors such as white, red and Brown are relatively common. Natural, nostalgic and rustic colors are the characteristics of American style

American style collocation 2. Materials

American soft clothing has a wide range of materials, such as solid wood, printed cloth, cotton linen, etc., which have a natural taste. Seeing it everywhere at home reveals the feelings of returning to nature, which reflects the comfort and freedom of life

American style collocation 3. Fabric art

American style home decoration is mainly warm, and practical comfort and functionality are important. Mattresses, quilt covers and pillows should be decorated with the same or similar fabrics. For the collocation of American furniture, simple and generous cloth patterns and exquisite cow leather are the first choice, highlighting the unique temperament of American furniture

American style matching 4. Furniture

although American furniture is relatively large, almost all American furniture is very practical. Large dining tables that can be lengthened or disassembled into several small tables are very common. In addition, Americans like to have parties at home, so creating a comfortable atmosphere that they don't want to leave is the layout keynote of American style, and American sofa is therefore spacious, practical, elegant and soft tone

if the area of the home is not large enough, it is suggested to choose simple modern American furniture, which is suitable for the use proportion of the home space and achieves perfect coordination effect

American style collocation 5. Decorations

the decoration of American soft decoration collocation tends to highlight the unique cultural flavor of works of art, such as murals, are the favorite of American furniture collocation. American style decoration space is generally large, and a distinctive mural in a large environment can bring people a different feeling

American style collocation 6. Lighting

American style soft decoration is elegant. In the selection of lamps, it is usually matched with classical wall lamps or floor lamps, and in the appearance, it should match the overall style of home decoration and the color modeling of furniture. American antique furniture will generally choose lamp poles with a sense of carving. If it is a luxurious leather sofa, it can better highlight the modern feeling of the living room with metal luster lamp poles

American style collocation 7. Plants

American pastoral style has high requirements for the selection of plants. Generally speaking, most of the selected green plants are non flowering plants, which can be evenly distributed next to the tea table, decorative cabinet, etc., forming a staggered pattern

the above is an introduction to American style collocation, which I hope will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about American style collocation, please pay attention to the decoration information channel





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