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The market is the most rigorous and fair touchstone to measure the strength of enterprises. In such an open and transparent information environment, except for the quality of products (services) and the tension of brands, no one can have a third effective way to "buy consumers". In this era of increasingly rational consumers, Cohen kitchen appliances, as a professional manufacturer of all kinds of kitchen appliances, has always been aware of the changes in consumers' needs, and gives perfect solutions to consumer needs. With strong brand power, product power and multi-dimensional and flexible marketing mode, it has taken advantage of the trend in the consumption upgrading market and become a powerful engine to drive sales growth

in addition, Cohen kitchen appliances is actively trying new marketing channels and models, opening the overall integration mode between enterprises and terminals, and taking building the overall strength of enterprises and improving the overall operation ability of terminals as the main direction of development at this stage. At the enterprise level, strong product innovation ability drives the improvement of brand power. Recently, a number of new kitchen appliances have conquered the market with high-end quality. The fourth generation integrated stove D26 Cohen was launched. The original Aoshi 304 stainless steel integrated molding design, which integrates the surface of the smoke chamber without barbs and rivets, prevents the body from rusting, oil leakage and oil leakage, and there is no second in the core process industry; The first steamer integrated stove "steamer" D22 meets the needs of a new generation of consumer groups in pursuit of personalization, differentiation and health; LCD flat panel integrated stove D202, minimalist design, cooking life is more convenient; The innovative intelligent integrated stove d206 is not only attractive, but also experience oriented. The launch of the "stir fried king" upgraded 8660, "LCD flat panel" upgraded 7250, "side suction frequency conversion" upgraded 9013 and other products has attracted more audiences and directly promoted sales

Cohen kitchen appliances also has its own set of methods for how to improve the overall operation capacity of the terminal. Since 2018, Cohen has spent a lot of money to build the "Yingzai terminal K6 single store performance doubling system training" which has been continuously carried out. Dealer families across the country will learn the store building system, shopping guide training system, channel customer extension system, team building system, and promotion profit system from Cohen headquarters, The knowledge of service multiplication system has been implemented, which has greatly increased the sales volume of stores. From June 6 to 8, the Cohen torch program will continue to be held grandly at the headquarters of Cohen appliances. At that time, families of Cohen dealers across the country will be welcomed to share wealth

the reason why the sales volume can still keep rising in the traditional off-season is closely related to Cohen's continuous upgrading investment in products and services and multi-dimensional marketing model innovation. To continue to be favored in the fierce market competition, it depends not only on the continuous innovation of products, but also on the joint efforts of Cohen's dealer families across the country





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