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The construction of China Railway Yinquan straw papermaking project in Qing'an, Heilongjiang Province started on May 31

it is understood that the total investment of China Railway Yinquan straw papermaking project is 157.48 million yuan. Of which, The building area of the plant is 120 "In angstron00 square meters, the main body of the plant is the main working frame of steel structure frame in 2017. The design production capacity is 90000 tons of pulp per year and 300million degradable lunch boxes. The project is a green environmental protection high-tech project that has obtained the national Spark plan project certificate and a green revolution in the packaging industry. It uses straw and corn straw as raw materials and uses the green environmental protection pulse that has obtained the national patent to separate straw wire board and straw The new process of the lunch box adopts the physical method and mechanical separation method to separate the straw into silk flocs and then process them into a series of products to turn waste into treasure and develop green industries. It can not only solve the pollution problem of paper industry, but also find a new way to turn waste into treasure for farmers' difficult crop straw. Recently, the pollution caused by the process of building foundation and water supply and drainage plastic granulator is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. The project has been completed and the intensive construction of the above ground part of the main plant project is under way. It is expected that the main works of the plant will be completed before the end of July

according to the introduction, the project can process 780000 tons of straw annually, and 600000 tons of corn straw and straw in Qing'an County can be fully converted, which will increase farmers' income by 66million yuan

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