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Heilongjiang makes every effort to promote the intelligentization of electric energy measurement

in the future smart electricity, smart meters will become a bridge between users and power supply enterprises. In order to speed up the promotion of the construction of intelligent electric energy information acquisition system, Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. has started a long run

start to promote electric energy information collection and management system

in order to cooperate with the construction of intelligent electric power information collection system, Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. has taken a series of measures

The pin business application system of screw and nut - how to do the special machine inspection has been connected, and the remote meter reading has been successfully realized

on November 1st, 2008, Heilongjiang Qiqihar Electric Power Bureau, as a pilot unit of SG186 marketing application system in the province, became the first unit in China to realize the parallel implementation of electric energy information collection and management system in the SG186 marketing application system module. Heilongjiang electric power company firmly seized this favorable opportunity to quickly promote the online experience in the whole province

however, in the early stage of system promotion, many technical problems were encountered

in the process of realizing various functions such as daily meter reading of low-voltage users, automatic issuance of electricity charges, daily line loss management, prompt of arrears, remote power cut-off and transmission, inspection and monitoring, there are still many technical problems. Xiao Yang, a metrology specialist in the marketing department of Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd., said so

in this regard, Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. decided to regularly monitor the operation of the acquisition system and prepare and release the operation curve. The grass-roots marketing department shall analyze the abnormal work orders door by door, organize personnel to carry out on-site inventory of difference data, keep the data interface of the site, SG186 system and electric energy acquisition system consistent, make full use of the data of electric energy information acquisition system for line loss analysis and load analysis, strengthen the monitoring of key users, comprehensively strengthen the line loss management, timely discover and analyze the abnormal power consumption of users, and provide a basis for investigating and dealing with power theft

in the manual operation stage, the impartiality of electric energy measurement is reflected in the professional ethics of employees. In the automatic electric energy collection stage, fairness has become a rule and cannot be overturned, which is a milestone progress. Xuyimeng, chief accountant of Heilongjiang electric power company, told me

accelerate the application of new remote meter reading

in the past, it used to take more than half a month to read meters at the customer's home. Sometimes when there was no one at the customer's home, it was common for a customer to run several or even more times to get the meter number. Now all the problems have been solved. With a click of the mouse in the office, the number of customers can be seen at a glance. A reader from Weidong Power Supply Bureau of Daxing'anling Electric Power Bureau told me

before April, 2009, Ji Shaodong was also the reader of the power supply bureau of ranghu road of Daqing Electric Power Bureau. Now, he has a resounding job title: customer manager. Due to the application of the new type of remote meter reading, 125 readers of Daqing Electric Power Bureau have realized the management transfer

the disadvantages of manual meter reading and charging are low efficiency, large error and large line loss, which seriously restrict the development of power enterprises

in the face of the high line loss rate, Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. actively explores and strives to develop a new Haig integrating the functions of electric energy measurement, monitoring and remote transmission, and continues: our analysis results show that the remote reading of electric energy meters, and a lot of human and material resources are invested

the research and development process of new technologies is difficult and tortuous. In 2004, Harbin Electric Power Bureau raised funds by itself to promote the application of remote meter reading in the bungalow power supply bureau with only 30000 customers, and independently researched and developed a set of background meter reading software, realizing the synchronization of automatic meter reading and automatic distribution; In 2006, the bungalow Power Supply Bureau became the first regional power supply bureau in China to realize remote metering and meter reading. The public line loss rate of the Bureau decreased from 8.92% in 2004 to 6.45% in 2008; In 2007, in order to continuously improve the carrier remote reading technology and rely on the existing industrial basic technology, Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. set up two carrier remote reading experiment sites in the Bureau, providing sufficient field data for the upgrading of carrier remote reading technology and providing detailed data support for the promotion and application of the entire carrier remote reading technology in Heilongjiang Province

rush to realize one meter for one household

in recent years, with the financial and technical support of the State Power Corporation, Heilongjiang electric power company has made 4.23 million customers in the province realize one meter for one household through feasibility research, preliminary planning and ten months of intensive construction. The meter that used to be copied for a month can now be copied in one minute by using the remote reading technology of smart meters, Said the head of the marketing department of Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd

in April, 2010, Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. took the lead in realizing the full coverage and collection of electric energy information collection system in China, with a coverage rate of 95%, and 4.23 million customers enjoy the treatment of one household and one meter. In addition to some customers in remote areas, Heilongjiang electric power company has 11 electric power bureaus and 79 power supply bureaus, which have achieved full coverage and collection. The consistency of collected data has reached 99.7%, the success rate of one-time meter reading has exceeded 93%, the success rate of daily meter reading has reached 97.4%, and the success rate of monthly meter reading has reached 99.6%. All operation indicators of the electric energy information collection system are at the leading level in China

before that, Heilongjiang electric power company took a series of measures to replace nearly fivemillion smart meters

first of all, according to the current situation of measurement management, Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. organized professionals to formulate a unified measurement management mode for the whole province, and accordingly formulated measurement management business processes, job standards and management standards for each post. According to the standards, it proposed a management information system for dynamic tracking of the whole process of the life cycle of measurement devices, actively explored the work mode of large-scale centralized verification, and set up a power measurement and control center to integrate load management The integration of tasks such as low-voltage acquisition and meter assembly and disassembly reflects the development direction of digitalization, informatization and intelligent measurement

secondly, all measurement centers affiliated to Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. have carried out laboratory transformation, added verification platforms, increased verification personnel, and upgraded verification software. All power supply bureaus also do a good job in preliminary investigation, data cleaning and data preparation to form complete and accurate site data to ensure the consistency of data and the success rate of meter reading during the installation and operation of electric energy meters

in addition to formulating standards and upgrading hardware, all grass-roots bureaus have also formulated verification plans in line with their own characteristics in combination with their own actual conditions. For example, Qiqihar Electric Power Bureau has formulated the three fixed principles of daily task, daily quantity and daily personnel. Harbin Electric Power Bureau completed the verification task of 10000 electric energy meters every day, setting a new record of rotating 1million electric energy meters in half a year. Zhangminsang Xueyong yangxiaoyuan

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