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Located in the south of Jidong County, Heilongjiang Province, the Sishan forest farm of the first Institute of geological exploration is located in the low mountains and hills of the remaining vein of Wanda mountain in the Changbai Mountain system. From afar, the mountains here are continuous and lush, like a green ribbon around the Northeast Asia corridor; Looking closer, here are towering ancient trees and lush vegetation. The sun leaves spots through the leaves, which seems to indicate that there are huge treasures waiting for people to explore. When it is warm and cold every year, there will be a group of people carrying geological bags and hammers, crossing mountains and rivers, and going deep into this primeval forest to carry out ore prospecting in an orderly manner in this mountain where there are few people, such as no oil leakage after treatment or oil change, but the load still cannot be maintained

they are the exploration team members of the first Geological Survey Institute of Heilongjiang Province (hereinafter referred to as the first Geological Survey Institute). Over the years, the Institute has always attached importance to scientific and technological guidance and talent reserve. Especially after xufeipeng, director of the Department of land and resources of Heilongjiang Province, pointed out the direction of "using intelligence to find ore", the Institute, in combination with the Bureau of Geology and mineral resources, carried out the activity of "quality construction year", took the initiative to start from reality, adjust ideas, speed up cutting, improve the "intelligence" level from various aspects, and promote the discovery and formation of new achievements in geological prospecting

the first Institute of geological exploration is an old-fashioned geological exploration unit, which has achieved fruitful results in geological prospecting in the past 60 years. During the implementation of the Sishan forest farm project, the exploration technicians of the Institute discovered the prospecting clues of copper molybdenum ore bodies and gold silver ore bodies by carrying out a 1:20000 regional geological survey and collecting soil samples for anomaly verification, combined with the comprehensive study of previous geological data and information, and defined the work area as the zhangguangcailing taipingling gold silver polymetallic metallogenic belt. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of the national regulations on the handling of mineral rights, the Institute quickly organized technical forces to carry out the declaration of mineral rights, formed complete data materials, and sent them to the Ministry of land and resources. It successively applied for and obtained the exploration license for the detailed survey of gold and silver deposits in Sishan Linchang, Jidong County, Heilongjiang Province and the exploration license for the exploration of gold deposits in Sishan Linchang, Jidong County, Heilongjiang Province

science and technology lead to increase investment and highlight the phased achievements.

if you want to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools. One of the strategic plans of the Institute is to strengthen talent reserve and pay attention to the use of "materials". Over the years, the Institute has continuously introduced professional talents from domestic geological colleges and universities, expanded the exploration team, and paid attention to the later education and training of talents. Through cooperation with first-class colleges and universities, inviting experts to give lectures and holding technical exchange meetings, the Institute has continuously improved the scientific and technological content of geological exploration and injected new technology "blood"

The project of Sishan forest farm is one of the key exploration projects of the Bureau of Geology and mineral resources of Heilongjiang Province, and has been highly valued by the competent units in Heilongjiang Province. In terms of technical strength, the Institute adheres to the principle of selecting the best from the best, and has formed an exploration team equipped with senior, middle-aged and young people; In terms of exploration equipment, sophisticated equipment and equipment teams were deployed, including V8 networking multi-functional electrical method instrument, dzd-6a multi-functional electrical method instrument, lugtem-8 transient electromagnetic instrument and jgs-3 digital logging system, which effectively improved the prospecting efficiency. By the end of 2016, it had successively obtained an investment of more than 80million yuan, which was used for the exploration of Sishan copper molybdenum mine and Sishan gold silver mine

one millet is planted in spring and ten thousand seeds are harvested in autumn. Through unremitting efforts in all aspects, the Sishan forest farm project has proved that the ore bearing structure of copper molybdenum ore is blasting breccia tube and quartz diorite at its bottom. The greater the thickness is, the richer the grade is. Seven gold and silver ore bodies have been delineated in the gold and silver deposit. Among them, No. I and No. II Gold and silver ore bodies have been investigated in detail. At the same time, the project also won the first prize of the first Heilongjiang provincial geological exploration project achievement data exhibition and evaluation by Heilongjiang Provincial Department of land and resources, and the project exploration report won the second prize of the original data exhibition and evaluation by Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of geological exploration

in the summer of 2016, taking advantage of the "year of quality construction" and following the correct direction of "using wisdom to find ore", the Institute hired luozhaohua and yangyanchen, well-known scholars in the field of exploration, to conduct on-the-spot investigation and teaching in the field exploration area to expand the idea of prospecting. In September, 2016, the Institute seized the opportunity of the mid-term evaluation meeting of the second batch of difficult projects of key mineral exploration in Heilongjiang Province, and introduced in detail the key projects carried out in the current period to a number of national top geological experts such as yetianzhu and liushiyi of the mineral exploration technical guidance center of the Ministry of land and resources. After listening to the exploration work report, experienced old experts had a strong interest in the Sishan forest farm project, The technical management, prospecting methods and regional exploration characteristics were discussed with engineering technicians. Subsequently, the experts went deep into the exploration area for field investigation, scrupulously checked the core, carefully compared and analyzed the relevant data in combination with the automatic calculation and display of the metallogenic theory experimental machine, exchanged views with the project staff from time to time, and imparted the experience of prospecting technology without reservation. The technicians of the first Institute of geological exploration firmly seized this opportunity to "absorb" the opinions, opinions and experiences of experts like a sponge, so as to improve their "intelligence" and "actual combat" level

Through detailed investigation and careful analysis, the expert group agreed that the copper molybdenum deposit in Sishan forest farm is comparable to the lead zinc silver deposit in Zhijiadi, xilingqiu in terms of geological characteristics of the deposit and the degree of ore discovery in the early stage

experts also gave authoritative evaluation opinions on the project of "general survey of gold, silver, copper and molybdenum deposits in Sishan forest farm, Jidong County, Heilongjiang Province", and determined that the project has great prospecting potential, which once again attracted the attention of the exploration industry in the province. The evaluation opinion fully affirms the prospecting effect of the Sishan forest farm project, and specifically points out that the project team preliminarily determines that the deposit type in the exploration area is porphyry copper molybdenum deposit through geological, geophysical, geochemical and comprehensive data research, and its periphery and shallow part belong to magmatic hydrothermal gold, silver and copper molybdenum ore bodies of the same metallogenic system. According to the existing data, the main ore elements are copper molybdenum deposits and paragenetic gold and silver deposits, and it is determined that the above preliminary understanding is consistent with geological facts, The prospecting direction is clear and the working method is correct. The expert group also predicted that the Sishan forest farm project has a good prospecting prospect. It is estimated that the molybdenum resources are medium-sized deposits, and the copper resources and silver resources are small-sized deposits respectively

through the scientific guidance of the Department of land and resources of Heilongjiang Province and the active planning of the Bureau of Geology and mineral resources of Heilongjiang Province, the grass-roots geological exploration units have boosted their confidence and morale. The technical personnel of the first Institute of geological exploration will continue to take the "intelligent prospecting" as the guide, firmly grasp the exploration opportunity of the Sishan forest farm project, adjust the work plan, update the prospecting concept, and comprehensively carry out deep and deep prospecting by means of geochemical soil sampling, core re recording, and physical property measurement, so as to be more energetic and diligent in the implementation process of the 13th five year plan, Add more impetus to the deepening reform of geological prospecting

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