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Heilongjiang one color printing and packaging factory transfers many sets of equipment

Heilongjiang one color printing and packaging products Co., Ltd. transfers many sets of second-hand equipment, including single tile machine, printing machine, window pasting machine, semi-automatic die-cutting machine, etc! The equipment runs well and the price is reasonable. If you need it, please contact the boss immediately

1. Three single watt machines

(1) one Fuli 1.8 single watt machine:

equipment model: 1800; Ridge type: C tile; The gap between the evenly coated rubber rollers is 0 5mm; Fuben plans to make use of the thermal insulation performance of the material, with the number of C ridges 37/300mm and the height of 3.9; The highest machine is cooled by hot water, warm water and cold water at a speed of 120/min, width:; The C-beam is automatically controlled by PLC; Jiayou transverse and longitudinal cutting machine configuration: transverse and longitudinal cutting knife; Servo controller; Upper computer platform; Automatic stacking

one Hubei Jingshan 1.8 single watt machine:

equipment model: ywzj1800; Ridge type: e tile; The gap between the evenly coated rubber rollers is 0 5mm; Jingshan e corrugating roll has a corrugating number of 85/300mm, and the corrugating forming temperature is 300 ℃ (3) 50 ℃, 1.3 high; Maximum mechanical speed 120/min, width:; Electrical equipment configuration: no PLC for e-beam; The C-BAR is automatically controlled by PLC

(2) one Shenzhen Yuanlu 1.6 single watt machine:

equipment model: 1600; Ridge type: B tile; The gap between the evenly coated rubber rollers is 0 5mm; B number of ridges 46/300mm; Ridge height 2.65; Maximum mechanical speed: 120/min; width of cloth:; Cut length mm electrical configuration without PLC; Lianhao horizontal and vertical cutting machine: horizontal and vertical cutting knife

2. One Yutian new window pasting machine

equipment model: xltc-1020; Overall dimension: 5000*1960*1750mm; Maximum paper feeding: 1080*650mm; Minimum paper feeding: 140*140mm; Maximum patch 410*300mm; Minimum patch 60*80mm; Maximum mechanical speed 5000p/h; Adapt to paper jam g/㎡

3. One set of Henan Huanyu printing machine (4-color line touching and slotting)

equipment model: ypkz- Φ; Effective paper passing mm; Corrugated roller: steel, grooved with pressure bar

4. Hubei Jingshan 2.2 production line (5-storey production line) 1 set

equipment model: 2200; Ridge type: C tile +b tile +e tile; Fosbo transverse and longitudinal cutting machine + Mingjia paper receiving machine (speed 220 m)

5. One Tianjin xinyuheng printing oiling machine

equipment model: xyh-twx0918; Mechanical specification 910*1800mm; The inner side of the machine is 2000mm wide; Maximum paper passing capacity 910*1800mm; Minimum paper passing capacity 280*540mm; Maximum printing area 860*1640mm; Printing roller diameter Φ 276; Rubber roller diameter Φ 176; Diameter of flower roller Φ 177; Thickness of slotting cutter 7mm; Slotting spacing: positive cutter 80*210*80*210, negative cutter 180*210*180*210; Mechanical speed: 120 sheets/min; Roller: ceramic; 5 colors + glazing; Back kick paper feed

6. 2 air compressors

(1). 1 atlas air compressor:

equipment model: ga37-ap-8; Volume flow 114.6l/m; Working pressure 0.8mpa

(2). One Unitex air compressor:

equipment model: ud37a-8b; Mechanical overall dimension 1300*920*1450; Working pressure 0.8MPa; The volume flow is 6.4 ㎡/min

Then the signal is processed by the processor

7. One Qingdao Meiguang semi-automatic die-cutting machine

equipment model: mwb1500; Maximum paper feeding size 1500*1100mm; Minimum paper feeding size 600*450mm; Maximum die cutting size 1470*1075mm; Maximum die cutting pressure 300*104n; Die cutting speed 3500 sheets/hour; Overall dimension: 4482*2700*1945mm; The whole machine weighs 18000kg

8. Guangdong Zhaoqing Xijiang machinery 1.4 small line transverse and longitudinal cutter and 1.4 small line preheating cylinder 1

1.4 small line transverse and longitudinal cutter: equipment model QL 1400

1.4 small line preheating cylinder 2 sets: equipment model RA 1400

9, 1 double piece nail box machine

equipment model as -009a, produced by Tangcheng Machinery Industry Co., Ltd

10. One Meguiar automatic turnover machine

equipment model: sal1450, produced by Qingdao Meguiar

11. 1 veneering machine

equipment model whl-1512, produced in Tokyo Wenhong

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